What Our Clients Says …

Dear Amy,

I can’t express my gratitude enough to you and Charlete, the angel you sent to us to help my mom through her last days. It definitely was a perfect match. I knew we could trust Charlete’s judgement in any matter she brought up and knew she would treat my mother as her own. Her skill in determining what would help mother at this difficult time was superb. She usually was a few steps ahead of me all the way!

Thank you for all your help through these tough few months. You were so hepful.

Sincerely yours,

Jan McNeill

From my first interaction – reaching and speaking with Amy Vapnek late one evening when I finally had time to call – I knew I had found a senior home care agency that provided superior service. And it never changed.

Senior Home Care Connections (SHCC) became an invaluable partner in helping my 85-year old mother enjoy what would be the last year of her life. I could not have made it through that year without Amy and her reliable and capable caregivers.

At first my mother only needed help a few days a week taking her to doctor appointments, a few errands and minor things in her home. It was wonderful that SHCC could staff the need for 2 four hour days a week. They offered tremendous flexibility to match our need. While Amy’s caregiver supplied the help mom required, this wonderful “assistant” actually ended up offering a special friendship and companionship to my mother our family didn’t anticipate.

Unfortunately, as the year went on mom’s health began to rapidly change and deteriorate. She not only became more physically challenged, but she was showing signs of a progressive dementia.

Amy was a tremendous resource to me given her years of experience in healthcare and specializing in elder care. Together we discussed the changing and specific needs any mother’s health required. When it was time to extend the number of days and type of in-home care, SHCC quickly assembled a team of caregivers that shared a weekly schedule.

Every new person I was introduced to from the agency was of the same caliber: capable, caring, attentive, and sensitive to mom’s situation. When in her home, they treated it as if it were their own. I never felt SHCC’s staff had to be told what to do. They’d clean and pick-up the house when mom would sleep; they’d perk up a wilted potted plan; they’d wash a load of laundry. They quickly became part of the family (a most important part).

Finally, my mother could no longer be alone, and again Amy was able to provide people that offer live-in care. It was so wonderful to be able to stay with one agency that could staff my mother’s changing needs. At this point (about six months into dealing with my mom’s situation) I was losing stamina. It was a God send to know Amy and her staff were there to help me, and having trustworthy people staying with my mother allowed me to get away for a weekend and replenish myself.

I think the greatest thing – aside from the excellent care provided to my parent – SHCC offered me was peace of mind. I was able to continue the activities of my life while knowing that my mother was receiving the same attention, help and concern I would provide her if I were with her myself.

This journey would culminate in an acute event when my mother had a major stroke. Many days, weeks in fact, of rehab followed, and I quickly had to make additional arrangements with SHCC. One weekend I had to reach out to Yvonne, Amy’s manager, who was extremely responsive and caring. I’ll never forget how rapidly Yvonne arranged for inpatient overnight staff for my mother. Again, SHCC readily met the need, was sympathetic and attentive and lifted the burden of providing care for a loved one during an extremely stressful time.

To say the least, I can unconditionally and highly recommend Amy Vapnek’s years of elder care experience, professionally managed agency and the qualify of its caregivers. I work for one of the largest healthcare systems in San Diego, and I knew the importance of investigating and interviewing different home care agencies when my mother needed help. I can attest that SHCC is certainly one of the best in San Diego.


Luke E. Vause

To Anyone Considering the Services of Senior Home Care Connections,

My mother was  diagnosed with a malignant inoperable brain tumor.  She went from very vibrant  to very sick in just three weeks.  After a long stay in a nursing facility, it became necessary to bring her home.  Hospice would provide medical supplies, medications and oversee her health.  However, she needed twenty four hour nursing care that they don’t provide.   My father wanted to concentrate on the time he had with my mother. He didn’t want to worry about being a caregiver employer, doing payroll, hiring and screening, managing schedules, finding substitutes and worrying about being liable if someone injured themselves taking care of my immobile mother.  He suggested we go with an agency.  That was one of the best decisions we made.  We knew from past experience they are not all comparable.  Entrusting my mother’s care to the highly reccomended Senior Home Care Connections was an even better decision.

Amy Vapnek is professional and dependable.  She met with us, assessed our needs and put us with a caregiver that was familiar with coordinating and interfacing with Hospice.  Aneita Benson became our week day caregiver.  We had a few weekend caregivers, each one competent, kind and professional.  Eventually we had a steady weekend caregiver also, Bobbi Dean.   This consistency helped us to fall into a peaceful routine with my mother’s care and to have caregivers who were just as concerned and observant of her well being.

Amy took care of all the things my father didn’t want to worry about, and came by to make sure the caregiver/family relationship was working and to offer her own experience in my mother’s care. She didn’t have anything to worry about because she obviously prevents many of these problems by hiring only the best.

Aneita and Bobbi both put my mother’s needs first.  They were professional and extremely compassionate.  They often went beyond duty to make sure my mother was comfortable, giving her a sense of dignity as they attended to all her personal needs. They soon learned what was important to my mother, reading her favorite passages, taking careful care of her beautiful skin, and applying make up when she was expecting company. They were pleasant and gracious with her many visitors.

They learned what her favorite foods were and prepared them for her.  When she arrived home in August my mother was about 98 pounds, she was very weak from what we thought was the disease and her treatments. She spoke rarely and only in short whispers. She was unable to feed herself and could only eat a pureed diet.  By December under Aneita’s consistent and competent care, she gained about 25 pounds, she began  to eating solids, speak in full sentences and feed herself.  Aneita’s efforts were backed up by the weekend caregivers. Bobbi took over the weekend position in January and gave her the same care.

The caregivers were also very competent, knowing how to best move, change and transition my mother into a chair, with minimal discomfort to her. They openly expressed their observations, concerns and recommendations but always worked in collaboration with Hospice physicians and family members.

We nicknamed Aneita and Bobbi, the “angels”.  They truly were an indescribable help to us. Because of them we were to enjoy the last ten months of my mother’s life with her.  Amy has found a pattern of success in pairing families in need with caring, competent and trustworthy staff.  Her competency in administration leaves caregivers and families to focus on time with those in need.

I would highly recommend Senior Home Care Companions to those in need of in home care.  I don’t know how anyone could get through a challenge such as our family went through without them.


Chris Adkins

To Whom it may concern:

This letter is gratefully written on behalf of Senior Home Care Connections and Amy Vapnek. She and her caregivers helped my father and me immensely during the nearly four years they took care of my father 24 hours a day.

My father had mild dementia when we first hired Senior Home Care, a condition which worsened over the time we worked together. He was walking at the beginning, but for the last two years was completely wheelchair bound. I’m not sure if his mental condition made the caregivers’ jobs harder when it was in its early stages or later, since he is an extremely independent man. No matter how well or capable he was feeling, he wanted to be running things, and telling everyone else how to do their jobs. He was always demanding, unkind to some caregivers, and usually maintained an imperious attitude to everyone. He had several health conditions which required oversight, and many medications to be managed. I was hundreds of miles away, able to visit only occasionally.

Amy was a champ through all of this. She understood who he was, and what he needed, at least as well as any of us were able, since he’d never tell us what he liked or didn’t like in a caregiver. Though she found him two primary caregivers who he was happy with, he insisted on replacing at least a dozen weekenders. She continued to provide more new ones to try out, no matter how hard it became. She was patient and flexible in dealing with him, keeping her sense of humor even when he was difficult. She took the time to understand his illnesses and made sure his medications were in stock, that he had emergency supplies, and that he was safe and secure at all times. She had valuable suggestions as to how to improve his care, which I would not have known about otherwise. She always answered her phone when I called, which meant a lot to me.

We only left our relationship with Senior Home Care when my father left the state to be in my city. I wouldn’t have changed agencies otherwise.

I’d be happy to talk to anyone who has any other questions about our experience.



Carol Brannon

This is an unsolicited testimonial for what has to be “THE BEST” in-Home caregiver service on the Planet!

I first became aware of Senior Home Care Connections when my Sister passed away; she was the caregiver for our 95 yr. old Mother. Anita Benson was familiar to the family and had given help in the past. I asked to meet with her employer and what a BLESSING that turned out to be. The family Trust required several “Home Health Service” providers be considered and when I met with Amy Vapnek I was convinced that this organization was the one who could provide the special needs that our family required. I had promised my Parents that, should anything happen, I would make sure that they would stay in their home until they passed. Mom had special needs as an Alzheimer’s patient who also suffered with Dementia. Amy’s knowledge, compassion, empathy and skill were apparent from the moment we met.

My Mother meant more to me than Life itself! Nothing meant more to me than knowing that she was Happy. Amy and her staff fulfilled that every day through their caring compassion. When it became time for Anita to move on she was replaced by Victoria Baker; we called her the team leader and she out shined everyone. Denise and Kristen were also invaluable and all would always answer the call if asked to help in any situation that arouse; as all families have unforeseen events that require special attention on a moment’s notice and when we were required to be absent from the home for a short or extended period of time we knew that our “ANGLES” would take care of Mom. Over the years our “ANGLES” had to provide 24 hr. care for several days; sometimes with only minute’s notice. The only response I ever got was simply O.K., No Problem, Go do what you have to do and we’ll handle it… and they did!! WE never had to worry about anything. If you have never been in a situation like that I can tell you that no amount of money can buy you peace of mind just knowing that your Mother is safe and being cared for by Hones, Loving, Caring, Compassionate people that put their client’s need above their own.

I could go on for hours about all the times that Amy and her staff went above and beyond the call of “NORMAL” industry standards for Home Health care. Please understand that if you are in need you could not find a better organization with more caring, compassionate, knowledgeable individuals than Amy Vapnet and Senior Home Care Connections Inc.

I have been employed as a Customer Relations Manager for a Major California Corp. for over 15 yrs. I know good, or bad, service. If anyone reading this has any Quesions about my veracity in recommending Senior Home Care Connections Inc. Please feel free to contact Amy as I have asked her to give out my personal number to anyone who feels the need to inquired.

Truly… Sincerely,


Lance Anderson

Beginning in April 2006, Senior Home Care Connections took care of my mother until her death in June of 2007. They began to care for my Dad, and were with him until he passed away in February 2011 a long, loving relationship. Over a short period of time, our family settled on 3 caregivers, Roberta, Lupe and Nancy. Our mother required more care in the home but dad was very mobile and went out with friends and to family gatherings, and doctor’s appointment. When necessary, the caregiver on duty would drive Dad and spend the evening with the family and participate in events. Each one of them was gracious and helpful, and interacted with the various families. The family grew to care and love each one of them for their individually unique gifts and talents.

Roberta drove Dad, and then accompanied Dad into his visits on this medical appointments, and the doctors and various office staff could depend on her without question to get the necessary information to the other 2 caregivers and in to the very important Plan of Care journal. Lupe was marvelous cook and prepared many delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners for him. She was very mindful of any food restrictions and Dad really looked forward to her meals. Nancy was so very sweet with Dad ~ and looked forward to the family gathering at holiday time. All three of the ladies would talk with Dad and listen to him reminisce about our Mom. They were loving and respectful of him at all times and he genuinely loved them in return. Dad’s “children” never had to worry about the quality of any aspect of the care Dad received when any of the caregivers were with him. If there was a question about anything, the caregiver on duty would phone me and we would make a decision together.

Amy Vapnek was available all the time and we would have wonderful conversations about Dad and the caregivers. She visited Dad regularly to see how he was doing ~ she was very hands on with all her clients ~ and also treated him and his family with great care and respect. I would not hesitate to hire any one of these ladies and I have recommended them and Senior Home Care Connections to my friends and their families over the years. This is an exceptional level of care!

Susie Turner